Monday, August 17, 2009



We had our first Awana Club meeting tonight.  It was so great!  Another lady and myself are co-commanders.  There has been a lot of work put in in these weeks leading up to tonight.  I feel so blessed with the leaders, clubbers and families that God has placed in our midst.  I have helped with Awana's for over 5 years with Anastasia and we have missed it the last year and a half.  So when our new church was on board with starting one I was so excited.

Chris one of our T &T leaders talking about the Bible being more powerful than a sword.

Game time--They needed to listen to directions being called out to them to stay on the white circle.

Cubbies enjoying their snack time.

Cubbies craft/coloring time

Joshua during handbook time.  He memorized his first verse:  John 3:16

Ok I had to take this picture.  Natasha had a pony tail on top earlier like "Cindy Woo"  when she pulled it out this is what her hair looked like! 

Going thru these pictures I realized I didn't get one of Becky and myself.  I will have to take one next week.


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