Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Fun Night

This week's family fun night actually took place on Saturday afternoon.  Our schedule has to be flexible right now with Jay's band practice and when he can get them all together.

This week's lesson was on Daniel and the Lion's Den.  The goal to focus on was that Daniel obeyed and trusted God and God protected him.

The little one's memorized: "When I'm afraid I'm going to pray" 

Then Anastasia andJoshua memorized: "When the hungry lions growled and roared, Daniel put his faith and trust in the Lord."

We read Daniel 6 up to the point where they throw Daniel in the lion's den.  Then we stopped for our activity.  I pre-cut out 15 lion heads and put clear sticky tape (sticky side up, like hanging a poster) over each lion's mouth.  The kids all had to wear socks.  We set up a "lions den" in the family room by placing the lion heads on the floor in a two foot wide path.

Not a great picture and we spread them out more and created a border with our couch and pack n play.

They took turns being blindfolded and walking thru the lions den.  The rest of us roared as the person walked.  (you want to make sure each person gets "gobbled up" by a lion at least once)  Gobbled up means the lion stuck to their sock.

When everyone was done we told them they have one more chance to try and make it through the den without getting gobbled up and they would get a treat. So we sent all the kids into the other room and placed the "hands of God" over the mouths of the lion.  (pre-traced hand cut outs).  This time they could only come in the room one at a time and before they started they had to pray this prayer: "Dear God, No matter what is ahead of me, I know you can protect me.  Amen"

As they each made it all the way through with out getting gobbled up they received their treat for putting their faith and trust in God.    Then when they were all done we finished reading chapter 6 of Daniel.  We talked about how the hands of God protected Daniel and can protect them too.

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