Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Fun

We missed a formal family fun night last week due to illness. The kids started feeling better and then Jay got sick. We kept up with our nightly reading and are currently reading "The Adventures of Chatter The Red Squirrel" This week our family night was pretty low key since Jay was still recovering. Friday night we made our homemade pizza and had the 3 minute cobbler for desert. We also made a special dessert. Since we are studying the oceans we made an "ocean in a glass". It didn't turn out exactly how I was hoping but the kids loved it none the less.

Okay so the directions call for clear plastic glasses and blue jello. I couldn't find blue jellow anywhere. There was every other flavor/color so I thought we could try cherry jello and use blue colored cups. It worked fine but you couldn't see the fishes in the cups it was all to dark.

I didn't get any more pictures the rest of the night as the camera batteries died and had to be recharged. After our dessert Jay and Anastasia led us in a song of "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" then Jay read the days of creation from Genesis to tie in with our Ocean study. Then we played a bunch of different games on Wii together.

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