Monday, August 3, 2009

This week's Workboxes

This weekend I planned out the next six weeks for school. This will take us up until our Disneyland trip.   I am officially now counting the days for this school year (2009-2010). For the month of August we are doing school four days a week and then will go to the pool one day a week.  Co-op will start on Monday's in September so then we will be home Tuesday-Friday for school.

I use Sue Patrick's workbox forms and I color coded mine for each child to match the colors on their workboxes so it is easy to see.  (See May 17th's entry)  I have standard everyday things that go in the boxes and then I add in some other activites each day.  I don't put in our unit studies because we need to do these all together at the same time.  It is just easier for me that way.

Anastasia this week:  Spelling, Vocabulary, Math, Reading, Awana, are the basics.  She also does typing 20 min a day and guitar 30 mins. a day.  She just finished a lap book on the American Colonies and is getting ready to start a history pocket book on the American Revolution.  When her unit studies are different from the other kids we work on it during the afternoon while the 3 girls are napping.

Joshua this week: his first spelling book (he is very excited)  I am using A Reason for Spelling with him, Math (both him and Anastasia use Horizons math), Reading (hooked on phonics), handwriting (I pull wksts. from the net), Awana,  those are the basics.  Others I add in are drawing, computer time, phonics games, story time, the science folders I made, Writing we are using WriteShop Primary book A.  Then with Savannh and Alexa they are all working on finishing up their 5 senses lap book.

Savannah: She loves school and her workboxes.  She is always looking for things to put in them!  Her basics are her preschool workbook, the letter of the week activities, computer time, science folders, phonics folders, preschool activity bags, puzzles, etc.  In September I am going to start the Saxon K math with her.  It is more of a PreK math and I used it with the other two.

Alexa:  She is really catching on and doing well with her boxes.  She still doesn't know her colors yet!  So once a day in a box I put a paper plate a small square of a colored piece of paper (let's say red) then a magazine.  She has to look thru the magazine and find red things and then glue them to her paper plate.  I am going to tie the plates all together with some yarn for a book for her.  She also does, puzzles, computer time, story time, science folders, letter of the week, and preschool activity bags.

Natasha:  She naps from 9-11 while we try and get workboxes done during this time!  Then she is up for snack while we do our unit study at the table all together.

Do you use workboxes?  If so what are you putting in them this week?

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