Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Finished Lapbooks

We got behind this week with sickness.  Joshua is doing much better but Anastasia's sore throat is really hanging on and she even got pink eye today. So she did not get a lot of school work done this week.  She barely started on the American Revolution and she was supposed to finish it this week.  We are going to put it off though now till after our trip because we are going to do a 2 week unit study on Oceans and then a two week unit on Disneyland all leading up to our trip.

Here is Anastasia's lap book on Colonial America:




This lapbook was from Hands of a Child.

I also got the other kids 5 Senses lapbooks put together today.  They love looking at them and talking about all the activities they were so proud and wanted to carry them all around. I took pictures of Joshua's they are all the same.  I haven't put Alexa's together yet she didn't do all the activites but is asking for a book now.  I will put together what I have.  She will probably do this unit again in a couple of years when she is the oldest with Natasha and Jadon. 

This was a made up lapbook from different things I have and came up with and also some worksheets from

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