Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sick Kids

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Well this week is going to get us behind some.  Sunday, Anastasia and Joshua both got sick.  Joshua got pink eye and Anastasia a sore throat.  So Monday morning first thing I called our new pediatrician. 

Side note we have a new ped not because we moved but because our old pediatrician, after working with us for over 11 year and her being okay with us doing delayed vaccines or some not at all,  decided to send out a letter to all patients like us saying she could no longer work with us and we needed to immunize or find another practice.  Well I am still on the email list and lo and behold she announced in a later  email newsletter how she was so excited her practice just won an award for having every patient fully immunized!!  Pretty easy to do if you cut out all the other patients.  Hmmmm  she must be getting funding somewhere....don't get me started.  Now she is sending out URGENT letters for parents to hurry and sign their kids up to be part of a clinical trial for the swine flu vaccine.  NO THANK YOU my kids are not going to be guinea pigs!!

So I digress.  We called our new ped.  who we have never met yet we were just assigned to by insurance and they aren't seeing new patients till mid September???????  So I have a one kid with pink eye and another with possible strep  when in September can they get us in?  She said we would have to go to urgent care or the ER.  Is this a taste of what the new Obama Health Care plan will be like?  Pretty scary.  So I am supposed to wait till they are all better and then drag all my healthy kids into a doctor's office to be seen and told that they are healthy because they probably won't be after waiting in the waiting room with all the sick ones.

Okay so I am sure by now you can tell what kind of days I have had the last couple of days.  So Monday morning after talking to the dr.  Jay takes Joshua and Anastasia to the urgent care.  He didn't want me going and sitting there being pregnant and all.  (Thanks Honey!)  He left around 8:30 and didn't get home till almost 1:00.  Joshua has pink eye in both eyes and a really bad ear infection.  The poor kid has such a high pain tolerance and never complained about his ear but when they stuck the thing into look and it beeped it agitatated it really bad and he started crying.  Anastasia's quick strep test came back negative but her throat has really been hurting for two days now and she has been running a fever off and on.  I think she is on the mend now.  By Monday night Joshua's eyes were looking much better and he was doing fine except I forgot how he reacts to medicine.  Exactly the opposite of what the bottles warn you about.  He gets hyper and onery and has driven me crazy the last two days till I finally figured out it was the medicine (he was taking motrin for the pain which was causing this mood swing) and he is on anti biotics.  So he didn't need any motrin today and hopefully by tomorrow he will be back to himself!!

Well I have rambled enough about our two fun days!  LOL  We are planing on getting back to schooling tomorrow so please pray everyone is well.  The other three girls have managed to stay well I would like to keep it that way!

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