Monday, August 24, 2009

This week's Workboxes


I know I have said it many times before but I LOVE using workboxes!!!  My kids are so motivated and stay on task now.  We are working out most of the kinks for the mornings to run smoothly.  For example today I told the kids if I am already working with one of them and someone else needs my help then they need to not interrupt and pick a book to read or a puzzle to do.  That really helped especially when I was trying to read with someone.

Anastasia is wanting me to put her work into the boxes as well so I have been laying it out for her and I will buy another rack and boxes when we get back from our trip.

Here are some extra things in the boxes this week.  I posted earlier the standard things in them each week (spelling, math, reading, Awana workbook) 

Anastasia's workboxes pretty much stay the same I try to add some fun things.  She just got her sewing machine fixed so we have been working in time for her to sew.  She is working on a baby blanket for her cousin that will be born soon and then one for her soon to be new baby brother.  She also practices the guitar for 30 min a day (Jay does a lesson with her once a week and then she practices on her own the rest of the week)  Her other extra right now is typing.   Then she has 2-3 Ocean activites a day.  This is all in addition to her regular math, reading, spelling and vocab.

Joshua:  Think it Thru tiles, drawing practice, computer this week is, Ocean workbook (I made from, story to read with mom (I read at least two books to them all together each morning and then I pick a book to put in one of their workboxes that just that child and I get to snuggle on the couch and read together.)  Ocean animal report

Savannah and Alexa are also doing for computer and this week they are doing the letter D activities.  They both got their Cubbie books this week so we are doing those activites as well.  Alexa is finishing her color book and Savannah has a Ocean workbook to work on.

That will pretty much be our workboxes for the next 3 weeks until our trip.  If I find anymore "fun"  or creative things to add for a change I will let you know.

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