Saturday, February 13, 2010


This Friday and Saturday our church is hosting a garage/rummage sale. All the memebers have been bringing down stuff to sell and all of the proceedes will go to our building fund. It is all being set up in our "Bethlehem" structure. Well as things are being set up a lot of us are buying things from one another. Jay and I had said we were not allowed to look! We were only allowed to give things to sell (and boy did we purge!) Well how much could looking hurt ? I have been wanting a pretty sofa table. You know the kind that goes behind your couch and we have been in desperate need of a new bed for Jay and I. Our mattress is about 13 years old and it's time to be retired. Well we got both this weekend for a song. We also finally got an entertainment center for the tv and movies up in the playroom.

Jay was getting calls the last two days to help pick things up from people to bring down to the sale. One couple had a king size mattress, box springs and frame all in great condition, barely used. So that just saved us a bunch of money. Then I saw the sofa table and was very excited. We got it home and I was getting ready to put some candle holders and pretty things on it when my kids decided it was perfect to hold some sports figures that someone gave to them.

Okay so I had to take a picture but then I explained to them that this was my table to decorate and they need to pick a different place for their figures! Gotta love 'em.

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