Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Renaissance Festival

Jay's sister came in town this weekend and we all went to the Renaissance Festival together. (It is nice having connections as she was able to get us all in for free!) This was the first year we have ever gone and the weather has been cold and rainy We usually are smearing on the sun screen and are hot. Despite the off and on rain we still had a good time.

It was really exciting for the kids this year since we are studying this time period right now. I love hands on field trips!

A picture with the King and Queen

Sir Joshua

Playing with some toys

Aunt Jutem and all the kids going on a ride

We met two fairies while we were there and the girls were completely enamored. This fairy played bubbles with the kids.

Cousin Jocelyn

This fairy gave the girls each a special rock that had fairy dust on it. It is now their favorite "treasure"

We also went to the jousts, ate turkey legs, corn on the cob, candied almonds and visited different shops. HUZZAH!

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