Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life Lessons

puppy and kitten

We found two lost animals in one week and the kids were so disappointed we didn't get to keep either. Monday morning we found a kitten in our back yard and was not sure how he got there. We left for co-op and Jay and I were figuring it would be gone before we returned but no he was still in the back yard when we arrived back home . Savannah was so thrilled and Jay told them don't touch it, don't feed it, don't let it in the house! LOL (big meanie) Anastasia went around the neighborhood to see if anyone was missing a cat and she found the owners. (I was glad because I did not want another cat) Then Thursday, Jay was over by our Pastor's home and saw a puppy in the middle of road. He called me and actually asked to bring it home. The same man who proclaims he doesn't care for animals. I did not want a puppy but oh my he was adorable and the kids instantly fell in love with it even after I warned them we need to try and find the owner. Well within the hour the owner was found and I think we were all a little sad. We didn't get any pictures of the kitten but here is one of the puppy.

Isn't he adorable!!

Now the kids are constantly looking for more strays out wandering around.

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