Monday, February 15, 2010

Co-op School This Month.....February

I actually got to teach Anastasia's class this month for Co-op. It was my first time teaching in there. I decided to do some of the same things we are doing at home with Knights and Castles. The kids worked on making a large castle together, we talked about Knights and armor and the Armor of God. On the last week we made bread and had a medieval feast for lunch.

Their castle

The Feast

Joshua's class learned all about Presidents and they each had to do a report and give a presentation on the last week. Joshua picked John Adams so we got some books from the library and read them together. Then he put together his poster board. It was also a great learning lesson for him to learn to pray for people even when we might not like them or agree with them. He was bound and determined not to pray for President Obama during class. (now understand, Obama was not my choice for President but we never really discussed it much with Joshua. He formed his own opinoin and is still waiting for John McCain to be President. LOL) So we have had a lot of discussions about praying for all people even our enemies (I am not saying Obama is our enemy ) and I will just leave it on this note that Joshua's teacher's said on the last week he did actually pray for President Obama but said he doesn't want to do it again. Can you say stubborn!

Savannah and Alexa's classes talked about president's and they also did Valentine's activities.

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