Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Family Valentine's Dinner

This year since Valentine's Day is on Sunday we had our family dinner on Saturday. I love Valentine's Day because for us our focus is family and our love for one another. We have made it our annual tradition to have a special dinner complete with the "good" china and glasses. Then we always have chocolate fondue for dessert followed by goodie bags for the kids. My other favorite part is the pictures. We always take picture of Jay and I kissing each of the kids. I need to post several year's pictures side by side and really see how the kids have grown.

The goodie bags. Isn't that giant card great! It is from Papaw and Grandma Carson.

The kisses...

It's Jadon's first Valentines.

My boys

Daddy and his girls

Me and my Valentine

Dinner was Kung Pao Chicken and rice....Yummy!!

After dinner the kids opened their goodie bags

Anastasia was thrilled with her "New Moon" Valentines

After our dinner settled some it was time for dessert...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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