Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A trip to the ER

Let me start by saying that Jadon is completly fine (Thank the Lord). Wednesday morning started like anyother morning:everyone getting up, dressed and getting breakfast. Jay was supposed to take Anastasia to a chiropractor appt but he couldn't find his wallet. So we were all looking for it (he left it at church we later discovered ) Jadon was in his swing and getting fussy so Anastasia picked him up. Whenever she holds him she likes to play with his feet. She touched his right foot and yelled for Jay and I. There was a hair wrapped around two of his toes (each toe seperately) it was cutting off the circulation. Jay grabbed him and tried to get it off, he couldn't we tried scissors and tweezers and it was just getting worse. The toes were swelling and turning purple. Finally after debating for only a couple minutes I called 911. Jay did manage to get the hair off before they got here but Jadon's poor toes looked horrible like one might come off (although they were both fully attached.) The paramedics suggested that we still go to the hospital to let them check and make sure we got everything and to watch the circulation. So Jadon and I got to ride in the ambulance and Jay followed behind. We stayed for about an hour and a half and the doctors and nurses kept checking Jadon's toes and they started to look a little better. They sent us home and told us to just keep watching but he should be fine.

So after six kids this was a new one for us but at the hospital they told us it has happened more often than we might think. As a note to all you with newborns expecially boys the doctor told us it also happens where a hair might fall in a diaper while changing and can get wrapped around little boy parts. Okay so I am glad it was his toes. Now we will be constantly checking for hair.

Yes, I carry the camera in the diaper bag. I really wanted to take a picture of him in his car seat on the gurney but I didn't. I kept trying to get a picture of his toes but Jadon kept wiggling and it wouldn't turn out. He was oblivious to all the fuss

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