Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Schedule is Adjusting Yet Again...

Another season of change....that seems to be the only constant around here.  Natasha is now 20 months old and she is out growing her two naps a day.  She has always been a great sleeper by going to bed at 6:30pm, sleeping till 6:30ish then taking a morning nap from 9:00-11:00 and then another nap from 2:00ish till 3:30.  Well, now she is ready for only one nap and here is the delima: we usually get a good chunk of school work done while she naps in the morning but it is also really nice to have all three little girls take a nap at the same time.

So this week I have been keeping her up in the mornings and then she goes down for a nap with the girls at 1:30 and she will sleep till 4:00 so that is nice!  I love her dearly but she is a busy little monkey so I do look forward to her naps as well.

We have tried incorporating her in our morning school routine and it is quite the challenge but she is doing okay.  I am going to have to add in some time where each of the kids take a turn of about 15 minutes doing an activity with her.  They all will love this and that should help a lot. Because otherwise she is trying to perfect her life skills all on her own.  She is very good at emptying the dishwasher (whether it is dirty or clean), filling the dog's water dish and using lots of towels to wipe up her spills, cleaning out the pantry, and taking off her diaper when it needs to be changed...

Here she is saying the Pledge with us

and praying before we start our morning work

Don't let the cuteness fool you...... 

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