Friday, March 19, 2010

Our School Room

I am So Excited!!!  After waiting patiently for almost a year I finally got the shelving unit I have been wanting.  It is the 5x5 cubbie unit shelf sold by Ikea.  At Ikea the shelf with the desk is $250.00 so I have been looking for it on craigslist.  Well there was one listed finally when I had the funds.  I was able to buy this unit practically brand new for $100.00.  Whoo hoo!  My dear hubby borrowed a trailer and helped me go get it or rather I helped him. 

This "little" project took 3 days to complete.  The three bookshelves and a two door white cabinet that were in the school room got completely emptied out and the shelves got moved up to our craft room.  So this started me sorting and deep cleaning everything in the school room.  It was long and tedious but ooohh sooo worth it.  I love it, love it love it!!! 

I didn't realize how closed off the school room was before and now it is so open and we have a lot more floor space.

Here is the shelf.  I couldn't back up that far to get a straight on picture.  On the far right I moved all their tubs.  I need to get one for Tasha now.  (They still need to clean out their tubs)

This is a view into the room.  Jay also finally hung my white board.

This is to the left as you walk in.  We got rid of the computer desk and just use this table now.

This is still the same I just moved their tubs off of here and put the puzzles and other stuff.Anastasia and Joshua's workboxes

A view going out of the room

Savannah and Alexa's workboxes.  (When Savannah starts kindergarten she is going to get her own shelf and then Alex and Tasha will share)

My next project now is to put rain gutter bookshelves under the white board.  Have you seen these before?  Check out this Site and you can also google "rain gutter bookshelves".  I will post pictures when they are done.

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