Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life Lesson Opportunity

We have been given the opportunity to earn some extra money as a family.  Our church recently had to let the cleaning lady go and they were looking for a replacement. After discussing it as a family we decided we would ask if we could do it.  It just requires one morning a week to go and clean the church.  Anastasia, Savannah and I will clean while Joshua and Alexa would be responsible for watching Natasha.  The kids will each get paid a portion of the money.  I was excited about this for many reasons but one main reason being that the kids now have an opportunity to earn and save money.  I don't believe in giving them allowance for basic chores (that is just part of being a family) and we don't have extra money to pay them right now for a weekly allowance.  This now will enable them to earn money and start learning about tithing and saving.

Well for these first two months we have all decided to save our money and pool it together to get a swing set for the back yard.  We found one at Costco and with daddy contributing part of the money the kids will be able to get it the end of April.  Our back yard should finally be getting done this month so the timing is great.  I am excited because they will all be working together to save and then we will go together to pick it out.

 I created a Savings box with a picture of the swing set on the front.  Each pay day I will cash the check and then pay each of the kids.  They will pull out their tithe and then put the rest in the box.  We will fill in the chart so they can see how much they are saving. 

So they all did well our first week of cleaning.  I am just greatful for all the life lessons they can learn from this (working for money, tithing, saving money, not getting paid if they don't help do the work, spending money, goals)

I will of course post about our swing set when we get it.

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