Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break....don't go to the zoo

Note to self: A perk of homeschooling and having a yearly zoo pass is that we don't ever have to go to the zoo during spring break!!

Oh my I had a the bright idea of taking the kids to the zoo today since we are having our spring break as well. Well everyone else in the state (at least it looked that way ) had the same idea. I should have known with the parking lot being full and people were parking a ways a way and walking. We took one look at the zoo outside of the zoo and said "no thanks". So I took the kids to a nearby park and we had our lunch and walked around and played for awhile. I decided to try and get some nice outdoor pics of the kids. We will go back to the zoo in a week or so when everyone else is back in school.

I love this picture! Anastasia took it.

My boys!

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