Saturday, March 13, 2010

Medieval Times Unit Study

We finished up our unit study on Knights and Castles.  It was a lot of fun. During this unit we took a break from lapbooks and the kids made a notebook instead.  They really liked this.  Each one of them used a white 3 ring notebook.  They created a cover then all their papers were put into sheet protectors in their notebooks.  I found various activities and worksheets from a couple of different sites such as homeschoolshare and dltkcrafts.  The kids made a picture time line, a dot to dot of a castle.  We did a study on the Armor of God.  They learned about a knight's armor and the parts of a castle.  They built a castle and we celebrated the end of our unit with a feast. 

Working on their armor of God pages.

After completing their pages we played this game.

Here are some books we used during the unit.  We really enjoyed The Magic Tree House Knights and Castles and our other favorite one was A Medieval Feast by Aliki

We were discussing what to have for our feast and Joshua wanted try rabbit.  He wanted to hunt for one so this was our compromise.   Jay and I joked that if we were a "real homeschool family"  We would have went hunting for one and built a pit in the back yard to roast it in. 

Jay took the kids to Lee Lee's market which is a field trip in itself.  It is a local Asian supermarket that sells everything (live fish, frog legs, duck, duck tongue, rabbit and much much more)  Well they walked in and immediately the kids in a not quiet voice said "yuck what is that smell".  Anyways, they managed to get over it and look around.  They found a rabbit and some frog legs.

Our Feast

Jay preparing the rabbit

We learned that they didn't have plates but used bread so we made our own bread plates.

Here is our feast....rabbit, lamb, carrots, potatoes, bread, fruit, vegetables

Everyone trying the rabbit.  (Yes, we did use some plates but we all had to eat with our hands.) 




I must say the rabbit was really good.  It is actually healthier for you than chicken and turkey. 

It was a great feast!

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