Monday, March 22, 2010

Track and Field

Anastasia has been wanting to do track for awhile now so I contacted the local school here and got her signed up.  They have been really nice and seem to not have a problem with her joining even though she is homeschooled.  Her first practice was today.  Now Anastasia has participated in lots of different things over the years but WOW!  I have never been so nervous about dropping her off.  I guess I felt what mom's feel like dropping their kids off on the first day of kindergarten.    She of course was fine, it was just me.  Memories of jr. high came flooding back and not all good mind you.  I picked her up an hour later (yes practice was only an hour ) and she did great.  I think track is really her "thing" 

I am so proud of you Anastasia!!!

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