Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look Who's 4 Months Old!

Isn't he a cutie!! 

The dark spots on his outfits are compliments of drool!  LOL

Got milk?

Someone always has to get in the picture with me!

Jadon has settled in and found his rightful place in our family.  (Right in the center of our hearts)  He is rolling now and loves to be entertained by his brother and sisters.  He will cackle laugh and smile and coo.  I must say though he is our fussiest baby but I think we are getting it figured out.  He is very sensitive to what I eat so I have to watch everything  I eat or he spits up a lot.  He does not always like to ride in the car but he gets quiet when Jay plays Skillet.  I kid you not he cries (really loud) in the car and Jay will turn on the music and he stops.  He does love his baths and sleeping next to mom of course.  Now we are working on sleeping more during the night, mama needs more sleep.

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