Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ginger Bread Houses and Cookies

One of our yearly traditions is to make sugar cookies and decorate gingerbread houses. There is a funny story about our gingerbread houses this year. If you look closely at the top picture you will see a min- village. Umm Yea I was trying to save money and I saw that the Gingerbread Mini Village kit had 5 houses and was only $16.00. I thought, score...a house for each kid, perfect. Okay so I didn't realize how "mini" the mini houses were. Can you say itty-bitty? LOL So I went and bought two regular houses as well and everyone was happy.

Now sugar cookies are at least a two day affair around here, one day to cut out and bake and then we decorate on another day. I have learned this after one year of trying to do it all on one day.....
We gave Jadon a cookie and some frosting to keep him busy in his high chair. Well he decided it was much better to just eat the frosting than to try and decorate a cookie....

We had a fun time decorating and we were lucky enough to save some for Santa with all the little (and big) cookie monsters around here! ;)

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