Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Polar Express

I did it! I kept a very exciting secret from the kids for over a month! (That was very hard for me. ;) ) Jay is finally done with school and we planned to take the kids on the Polar Express and stay the night in Flagstaff. They woke up Wednesday morning and they were all very sad that they couldn't find Freddy anywhere in the house.... I assured them I he was probably in a good hiding spot and we would find him.

So it was time to start school and they all went in to get their first workbox and this was what they found in them....
It didn't take them very long to figure it out and then there were screams of delight and excitement. I told them I packed everything last night so we just had to load the car and go.

As we started to go out to the car to load stuff, Savannah was the first one out and was so excited to discover that Freddy was sitting on our front dash. I guess he didn't want to be left out! ;)

We got up to Flagstaff, checked into our hotel and then headed to Williams to catch the train.

The kids were so excited to see snow. It had just snowed in Flagstaff the last couple of days so our timing was perfect!

We had a great train ride to the North Pole and then went back to our hotel room. The kids LOVE staying at hotels! So you might wonder how a hotel room works with our crew....Well I found a Best Western Suite on It worked out great! It had a king size bed, (for Jay and I) and a fold out hide a bed (for two kids). We brought two mattresses for the others and Jadon slept in the pack-n-play. The room even had two full bathrooms, SCORE! And we got free breakfast included.

Notice the temperature on the rear view mirror at one point it reached 11 degrees. BRRRRR.....

They were so excited to see long icicles.

Before we headed home the next day we stopped to play in the snow. Jadon touched it once and then wanted nothing more to do with it! It was really funny.

What a great family trip to start our Christmas break!

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