Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Visiting Santa

What a fun day! This was the day to go see Santa and take the kids shopping for their gifts for one another. They drew names a few weeks ago and then they have been doing extra jobs to earn money to buy a gift for whose ever name they drew. We allowed each child the chance to earn $15.00. I wanted a decent amount for them to be able to shop with because one year we just had them pick dollar gifts but those ended up in the trash within two weeks. So everyone earned their money and it was time to go.
First stop....Bass Pro shop's Winter Wonderland and pictures with Santa:

We did get our free pic with Santa but I haven't scanned it in yet to post it. Jadon was good as long as Anastasia was holding him.

Papa Jack and Grandma Donna came with us and Grandma noticed this perfect spot for a picture. I love it! After pictures we went to out to eat to Panda Express. This was even a big deal for the kids as we hardly eat out. Next stop, WalMart. We divided the kids up and let them pick their gifts. I think they all did a really good job. They each even paid on their own.

We ended our evening with going to our favorite neighborhood to look at lights. The entire street is decorated and the last house in the cul-de-sac has an entire scene of Bethlehem and the story of Christ's birth, death and resurrection. This was a little bitter sweet since this was the first year we have not participated in a Walk Through Bethlehem (more on that in another post). I LOVE THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!

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