Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween fun

I love our family traditions and even adding new ones and this Halloween we did just that.  We carved pumpkins and made our scary face pancakes like usual but we also went to a new harvest fest and made a super, easy, yummy dinner that will be a keeper for Halloween nights to come. 
We started carving the pumpkins Friday afternoon.....and usually drags on....everyone starts out so excited and then Anastasia ended up finishing them up this year.  This is why I limit it to 3 pumpkins each year and they can share.  Joshua however was willing to pay his own money to get his own, so we had four.  : )  They did however turn out awesome and received compliments from everyone who came by.  My favorite part of it all is the roasted seeds!

We were able to have two nights of fun this year dressing up and hanging out with friends!  Lots of our friends go to Calvary Chapel every year on Halloween for their Harvest Fest.  It is usually on Halloween night and our kids like to hang out in our cul-de-sac on Halloween but this year CC held the harvest fest the night before.  It was so much fun going with everyone and running into people we don't get to see all the time.  The kids had a blast and so did we and of course there was tons of candy to be had. 

Captain America, A Fairy, Two volleyball players and the one and only Elvis 

 I was so tickled when he asked to be Elvis this year!  We don't spend a lot of money on Halloween costumes.  They usually just pick from what we have in dress up tubs and then we accessorize.  But when my pretty reserved and modest kid asked to be Elvis we had to find a costume.  :)  The sad thing was the local costume shops that pop up for Halloween all had Catlin Jenner costumes but no Elvis!!??!!  So Amazon to the rescue.  Joshua did a great job and got lots of compliments on the costume.  

Harvest Fest Fun:

Saturday morning we made our traditional scary face pancakes.  Anastasia even took the time to make them look like pumpkins, complete with green stem. No morning pictures of Jay, Anastasia or I, just our pancakes:

Halloween Night:

So my new meal for Halloween, tacos in a bag.  My friend Kara brought this as one of their meals this summer when we went camping.  I have been trying to justify having it again and Halloween is the perfect night!  I just cooked up taco meat, set out the toppings.  You simply pick a bag of chips, open it and put in the meat, add the toppings and eat straight out of the bag.  YUMMY and easy clean up!  
 We set up the fire pit out front and get our chairs and table with candy and just sit out front and enjoy the neighbors and kids.  This was one of the first years I didn't go with the kids trick or treating.  I stayed and passed out candy and relaxed.  I always start to get a little nervous this time of year since two years ago when I got really sick on Halloween night and remained sick most of the winter.  But I am doing much better this year.  : )

 Everyone thought the pumpkins were amazing.  Anastasia did do a really good job!

Papa and Grandma came over for a short time to see the kids.

 Time to sort and trade.

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