Monday, October 19, 2015

An Afternoon of Caramel Apple Making

Yummy goodness!! What a fun afternoon for all of us!  I invited some families from our homeschooling group to come over to make caramel apples.  I provided the caramel and each family brought their own apples and then toppings to share. Nuts, crushed oreos, sprinkles, candies and more, oh my! 

 My kids were great and helped unwrap ALL the little individually wrapped caramels before everyone came over.  I set up two stations for the caramel and and mom's helped get the caramel on the apples and then the kids got to decorate it however they wanted.  I even made popcorn to drizzle  some caramel over.  Fall is so much fun and so much yumminess, even in the desert!

Here are some pictures, in no particular order. 

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