Thursday, October 1, 2015


It would be so AMAZING to take a stroll through that picture above! I love fall.  I love all seasons but there is something about the reprieve of heat in the desert that fall brings.  We are still waiting for it!  The calendar says it is fall and so does Starbucks with it's Pumpkin Lattes and Pinterest with it's pumpkin everything boards.  However, our weather here still says summer!
Alas, I put up the fall decor start some baking and just crank down the AC (not too much though as I am really beyond done with the summer AC bills.  

It has to come soon.... 

So the calendar says fall and October so it was time to make our yearly pumpkin spice playdough.  I have been making this since Anastasia was at least Jadon's age and even my big kids still look forward to it.  :)

As you can clearly see in the picture above it is still swimming weather.  The kids stay in their swimsuits and go swimming for their breaks through out the day.  LOL 

 Apples, of course are all on sale right now so we bought a bunch to make some homemade apple sauce.  And later in the week we made homemade meatballs. 

  Feeling quite homey and proud of myself as I might be a stay at home, homeschooling mom with great cookware but it is still such a chore for me to be in the kitchen all day and it not always my favorite place to be. I really need to be in the mood. I would rather be planning lessons or reading or taking out the trash.....not really Ha!  But I have gotten much better at cooking and meal planning.  Jay is definitely the one with the knack for spicing things up and experimenting and I am the one to just get it to the table.   However, now that my kids are older I try to engage them even more and they love to help.  There are so many great life skills to learn in the kitchen. 
: )

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