Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week in Review

Oh my!  I dropped Jay off at the airport early Monday morning and I don't think I stopped until picking him back up Sunday morning. What a week!  School, caramel apple making, gymnastics, volleyball, co-op, more volleyball and the annual chili cook off.  Whew.   We were actually home all day on Thursday which was very nice!  In the midst of this week, Anastasia also made a cake for my nieces's birthday party which was Saturday.  (She had the cake done by Friday to give to them)

I love this action shot I was able to get!  Volleyball is coming to a close and they are getting ready for sectional playoffs.  The seeding games were this weekend and the girls did really well.  I love watching my girl play, I can't believe it is her senior year!  I am however ready for the season to be over and gain some time back in our evenings.  It has kept Anastasia really busy and a lot of driving because practice is so far.  This next week should be the last week.  In the midst of everything this week, Anastasia was still able to make another incredible cake and cupcakes!  I am always amazed to see her creations.  This talent did not come from me!  HA! 

Lots of artwork this week.  The kids finished up their artist study of Henry Matisse at co-op and did a canvas project.  Then at home we painted some pumpkin patch pictures. Saturday morning Savannah, who is my budding artist, took a special art class at a local art studio.  She painted an beautiful tree.  I can't wait to get all of these paintings and creations hung with the others in the playroom!

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