Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chili Cook off

Our homeschool group holds an annual chili cook-off and fall fest.  Our family looks forward to this and the pink pancake breakfast (at Valentine's day) each year.  This is our 3rd year participating since we have been back in STV.  Wow!  We have a wonderful family in our group who opens their home/huge backyard for these two events.

Usually there is a large turn out but this year it was smaller.  I think there was just a lot going on this same weekend.  This was the first time Jay was not able to make it due to work and also the first time I actually made chili.  I usually just bring side dishes and a dessert.  Some highlights of the evening is the chili of course, there is also trying to eat donuts off a string, 3 legged races, bobbing for apples and bingo.  The weather was perfect and we had a great evening with friends!

Jadon's partner for the 3 legged race.  Ha!  He just picked Jadon up and carried him.

My hubby's rules for bobbing for apples.....our kids go first or get their own bowl.  LOL I only have a few who still like to participate after explaining about everyone's spit and slobber going into the water.  Eeeww! 

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