Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kasey Little Rascal Pearce

What an emotionally hard day!  We knew this day was coming for quite awhile now and thought we were ready but we weren't....  We got Kasey from the pound back in 2001 and she has been the best family dog ever!  She has always been protective of the kids and never once growled or snapped at any of them, even when they wallered on her as toddlers and tried to eat her dog food.  :)  She always kept the floor by the high chair spotless and was an amazing digger.  ; )

Kasey loved to go for walks and go camping. We are amazed she lasted this long as the last year and a half we could tell her health was starting to go.  The last few months she definitely had cancer and was fighting it till the end.  She has always slept on the floor by my side of the bed, always, even with the kids coaxing her into their rooms and claiming her as their dog.  LOL  It was me she always tattled too to tell the kids to feed her.

Well today was the day we all had to say our last good-byes.  When we got up this morning Kasey had not moved all night. Then she had an accident in our room. We had already been in contact with the vet to start to make plans.  (When it was time, I was just praying Jay would be home.)  She made it downstairs went outside but then came into the kitchen and laid down and would not move, even after being coaxed with treats.

We decided it was time to take her in.  The whole family came with.  When we were in the room with her and the vet the vet, after examining her and listening to her heart and lungs said we made the right decision and that she most likely would not have made it through the night.  She had become so bloated (after losing so much weight).  The vet said it was the tumor.  She administered the stuff to put Kasey to sleep and Kasey didn't even wince or whimper.  We all cried like babies and petted her to the end.  It was quick but oh so hard! We had decided to leave her there and have her cremated instead of burying her.  What a quite, long ride home.  

Kasey lived a good long life.  She was loved and well taken care of and we are better for loving her and her loving us.  

This is a scrapbook page I had made when we got her.  I have to find more pics as I get them organized on the computer and printed off.

Love you Kasey!  

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