Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Co-op

This month in Co-op I am helping in the middle elementary class.  Alexa and Natasha are both in here.  This month all the kids in elementary are finishing up their study of Henry Matisse.  The kids completed a really nice project based on his vase on a table painting.  I didn't take a picture of one of the girls completed yet.  I get so caught up in what we are doing and forget to take pictures.  But that is a good thing.  LOL  However, thanks to a friend I have made a great discovery of another use for command hooks.  They also make command strips made for hanging things on the wall so no more nail holes and tape that doesn't hold.  So I have finally hung all of their art work in the playroom.  I really like the way it looks. 
   Ok back to co-op.  This year one of the discovery hour classes is Yearbook.  Anastasia is participating in this class and will actually receive a high school credit for it.  Today it was time for a group photo of the moms.  Here is the group of wonderful ladies I get to spend 2 Wednesdays a month with (3 mom's were missing and JB was included).  It is a great looking group if I do say so myself.  Ha!

Next Wednesday will be their canvas project to finish up the study of this artist and they will study someone new for November and December.

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