Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week in Review

These last couple of weeks have flown by.  We are getting in the rhythm of Jay being home a week/gone a week and adjusting our schedule accordingly.  

Lots of volleyball, I love watching my girl play.  There were a few games where she did not get to play much but this last one she was a starter for all 3 and played the entire time.  Only 2 games left and then finals then her senior year of volleyball will be over.  

Life happenings:  A couple of sick kids this week but it only lasted 24 hours, thank goodness!  I got to go to a movie with a dear friend before she moved also got to hang out with her and some other friends for one last evening.  She will be missed dearly! 

 Joshua had to go to the orthodontist for his 6 week check up and now he has to wear bands as well.  Not fun!  He wanted to use the school excuse from doing anymore work the rest of the day.  LOL

Savannah's new glasses finally came in.  They are really cute!

School we are getting it done and working hard.  The weather has finally cooled off somewhat so the girls took their work outside for the morning.

Someone else has also discovered the trampoline and LOVES it!  LOL  Loki lays up there every chance he gets!

Anastasia was asked to make a cake for a dear friend's little girl.  I am simply amazed every time this girl makes a cake!  She does incredible work and is so talented!  The top part was the little girl's "smash cake", she was turning one.  Then the cupcakes were for all the guests.  I posted this to my facebook page and Anastasia got over 80 likes!  I think between this and Saladmaster Anastasia has a bright future ahead of her. 

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