Friday, July 31, 2009

The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad

A couple of weeks ago Jay started reading to the kids each night before bed.  We all gather in our room and they each pick a quiet spot to lay with their blanket and pillow.  Jay reads one or two chapters a night.  This has been a great thing for us o share.  But let me say it didn't start out this way, especially with a two year old.  Tasha is in bed before we begin.  The first couple of nights was hard and we were almost ready to give up but now they are so into it and love hearing the story (and all of daddy's different voices)  Then after the reading we each take turns praying together and that has been awesome. 

The first two stories we read were from Fireside Readings for families.  Now we have been reading "The famous Bedtime story books" by Thornton W. Burgess.  We first read The Adventures of Buster Bear and now we have just started The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad.  These books were Jay's mom's and Jay's grandma used to read them to him.

One night after reading Jay went outside to spray some bug spray (we have had a terrible time with crickets) before he started spraying he looked down and low and behold there was "Old Mr. Toad"  Jay called me out then I called the kids out of bed to come see him.  It was a surprise we haven't seen any toads in a long time.  We got some pictures before we let him hop off.

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