Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Count Down is On...

The countdown is on,  not for the baby yet but for Disneyland.  You can see I put a ticker at the top of my blog.  We are all getting so excited.  I am not sure who more Jay and I or the kids.  As everyone is gearing up for school to start back and several schools have already started around here we are gearing up for the "happiest place on earth".  The kids have been diligently doing school 3 days a week this summer and it has worked out really well.  I think we might keep this scheudle even when not expecting a baby.  It is so hot here during the summer and this way we are going to take the month of December off to enjoy Christmas activities and the outdoors.

So anyways the picture above is of the chain they made to count down the days till we leave.  It is hard to see on the white wall but the chain drapes down both sides.  We used to go quite often to Disneyland but now we haven't been in four years.  Anastasia remembers but the others don't.  They keep asking if it is better than Chuckie Cheese or Amazing Jakes.  LOL

We are going for 5 days and then going to San Diego for a couple of days to visit Uncle Brian, Aunt Jutem and cousins.  In order to get ready for a great vacation what does a homeschool family do?  A project of course!  In school the weeks before we go we will be doing a study on the Ocean and  a lapbook on Disneyland!

I will post pictures of them when complete.

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