Friday, July 17, 2009

Jay's Graduation


Jay graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  It was a long two years for all of us.  Especially these last 8 months when he was working two full time jobs, going to school and we moved!   WOW!  Friday night was the big night.  The graduation was held at the University of Phoenix stadium (where the cardinals play).  There were a lot of graduates.  The kids were excited to see their daddy graduate but it was also hard keeping their attention thru the whole thing.  It was even hard to keep my attention.   My mom and dad came, Jay's dad and Donna, Jutem and her three kids and Pastor Don and Christina were all there.

As exciting as it was the speakers were kind of a let down as we had just spent the day at our homeschool convention listening to Vodie Baucham ( I will write more about the convention in another post).  Jay kept texting me while he was sitting down below talking about what a bunch of secular humanism it all was.  LOL

We are so proud of him and glad he is done.  At least for awhile.



Jutem and Chance

The Ceremony



Our family

Jay and Leah they worked on line together for over a year and finally got to meet one another.

Jay and his sis

Jay and his Dad

Proud Daddy and daughter

The family and cousins

Jay and I



The two graduates!  Joshua will graduate kindergarten (as soon as he finishes his math book) I wanted a picture of the two of them together in their cap and gowns.  Aren't they handsome!!!

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