Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alexa is Three!!

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Our little Tinker Bell

Alexa turned 3 today!!!  Yea!  On with the terrific three's and out with the terrible,  challenging, tiring wonderful twos.  A lot of moms say they have trouble with the threes but in our house it is the two's.

Anyways our little tinker bell was so excited to go to sleep last night knowing she was going to wake up as a three year old.  In the morning we had church so she got to pick which dress she wanted to wear and put on the birthday princess ribbon.  At church daddy had everyone sing "happy birthday" to her.  I guess that is a little perk if your dad is the worship pastor. 

 Eating her bagel before church.  She always has to make a silly face for the camera.

After church when daddy got home we had lunch then papa and grandma came over for cake.  We are going to try and plan a pool party later in the week but everytime it gets mentioned she says she already had her party.  I guess we are a party in ourself with 7 soon to be 8 of us!  So she is good!

Anastasia made the cake, it looked beautiful and tasted delicious.

Until September the ages are 11, 5, 4, 3, 1  We had fun calling them our "little rocket ship" when Alexa had turned was 3,2,1 blast off!

Grandma and Papa

Blowing out the candles

Time for gifts.  It was so loving..they each wanted to give Alexa their own gift that they made.  Joshua drew her some pictures and even put princess stickers on them.

Savannah made her a necklace

Aren't they cute!!

Anastasia crocheted her a green and purple purse.  She put a pack of gum in it and a little tinker bell doll.

Daddy, Mommy, Natasha and baby Jadon got Alexa some Tinker Bell dress up clothes.  There were two outfits in there and she was so excited to put them on and share with Savannah.

Papa and Grandma got her some pony tail holders and a cute backpack she can take to co-op school.

Happy Birthday my dear Alexa Bexa!  It was great celebrating this special day with you.  We love how you bring a smile to everyone's face with your jokes and teasing.  I love how you come snuggle with me everymorning and greet me with kisses and hugs.  You are a very special girl!!

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