Monday, July 6, 2009

It's A Boy.... It's A Boy!!

My ultrasound was this morning and all of us went including my mom.  The ultrasound technician was not going to let everyone go in the room.  She said there were too many of us!  LOL  Jay told her we could stack the youngest three on top of one another and they would equal just one person.  She didn't really laugh.  After we promised they would all be quite she let us all go in.  After all the only two that it didn't matter if they were in the room was Alexa and Natasha and they could not very well watch themselves.

So we all piled into the little room and they were very quiet.  We got to watch the ultrasound on a large TV screen.  The tech took all the measurements first and everything looked good; ten fingers, ten toes, healthy heart, brain and nose.    That was the most important to us. 

Then of course she asked if we wanted to know boy or girl and of course we did!!!  All were rooting for a boy except Savannah.  She wanted another girl for a bigger girl party.  Joshua wanted a boy so that he could get bunkbeds!  Alexa wanted a "baby Bryson" (that is our nephew's name) so she thinks our baby will be the same.

The tech took one look and said it's a boy!!  I was in shock because I was just prepared for a girl.  Jay had to look twice.  LOL  When she showed us again he was actually grabbing himself like playing peek a boo with it.  We got a picture of that!  Typical little boy.  Our scanner isn't hooked up yet so I can't post the pics yet.  I call that particular picture our "PG-13 pic"

We are very excited.  We kinda had names picked out but then I came home and looked up meanings and we are definetly going with

Jadon Christopher-  We chose that spelling of Jadon because it is Hebrew  meaning `thankful` (according to Strong's Concordance) or `he will judge`. It appears in the Old Testament as the name of Jadon the Meronothite, one of the builders of the wall of Jerusalem in the Book of Nehemiah (Nehemiah 3:7).   We are so "thankful" for a healthy baby and he will also be born right before Thanksgiving!

Christopher is Greek/English and means "He who holds Christ in his heart." or literally Christ bearer.  I think that is way cool!!

We also name our boys with J C names.  Jay's grandfather was Julius Cleavand (which I would never personally choose) and he was called JC.  Jay's dad is Carl Jackson (CJ).  Jay is Jay Cee and we have Joshua Carl and now will have Jadon Christopher. 

We are truly blessed!!!

PS.  The kids were excllent during the ultrasound and didn't make a peep and the tech even complimented them and said thank you when we left!

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