Monday, September 27, 2010

Another Year of Co-op

Our homeschool co-op (Families of Faith) started up again this month. The kids were so excited and couldn't wait to see their friends. There are about 20 families this year participating in co-op and one new family is our friends the Rogers. We are so glad they have joined! The classes have grown now and Alexa is happy because she has her own class now and is not with the "babies". She is such a big girl now! :)

This month Nikki and I taught together in the Pre-K class. We used Eric Carle books and the first week was all about caterpillars/butterflies, the second week was ladybugs and the third week was spiders. We talked about the life cycles of each and had fun art and game activities to go with each.

Pin the spot on the lady bug.

Painting 5 little lady bugs to go with the poem they learned.

One of my favorite activities was with the book "The Very Busy Spider" After reading through the book one time I had each child pick an animal from the book to be. (I made copies of each animal ahead of time to tape to the child's shirt.) I was the spider and I had a giant ball of yarn. All of this kids stood in a circle and as each animal was mentioned in the story I went to them with the yarn. They held on to it and we weaved a web by the time the story was finished. They really liked that.

They also made spider (blob lol) cookies and with Nikki they got to decorate a ladybug cake.

Tasha actually stayed a co-op this month, well part of the time anyways. She is having a hard time staying the whole time but she did pretty good. The other time Jay took her with to run errands since he is off on Mondays. Playing Cherrio bingo and hiding from the camera.

Joshua and Savannh spent the month learning about Hispanic Heritage. They studied Mexico, made a flag, made maracas, learned a dance, and learned about missionaries to those areas. They celebrated the last week with a Fiesta, complete with a pinata.

Anastasia is in a new class this year. There was a change in groups and kids so we did some arranging and made a 5th-7th grade class and then there is the 8th-highschool class. She is in 7th and I didn't want to move her up to the high school class yet. So she is the oldest in her class but is friends with most of the girls in there. She is excited about having a bigger class this year (there are 14 kids in that class). I am excited that we are using a set curriculum in there for the year. The kids are covering 3 subjects, Art, geography/writing (a unit study) and then critical thinking.

This is Anastasia working on one of her art projects.

I think it is going to be another great year in co-op! Next month I am teaching in Anastasia's class.

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