Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Morning of Fishing

The weather is slowly starting to cool off, at least in the early mornings. So this Tuesday morning, Ben invited Jay, Anastasia and Joshua to go fishing. Ben and Marilyn are our pastoral partners from church. They are like another set of parents for Jay and I and have been such a blessing to us and our kids. Ben is the one who Jay went dove hunting with and Marilyn also plays the keyboard in the praise band at church.

They headed out to a local park about 6:00am. Once the girls and Jadon woke up we decided to join them since there was a playground to play at as well. I don't think there was a single fish in that pond but there were lots and lots of crayfish! The kids had a great time catching them and we let Ben take them all home. It started getting hot by 9:30 so we all called it a "day" and headed home to start our school work.

We caught a Big Tasha fish!

The bucket of crawdads

We brought some breakfast burritos with us to eat at the park .

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