Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bird Hunting

It's dove hunting season here and Jay went for the first time (since we have been married I think). He really enjoyed it and I lost track of how many mornings he went. LOL. Most of the time he went with his friend from church and then a couple times he took Joshua and Anastasia with him. The whole process was great science/life lessons for the kids and I just stayed clear!

The mighty hunters getting ready to go!

Can you see Joshua? He wanted to hide and blend in with his camo shirt. Hahaha...

Within two days we had enough for a meal for our family.

The first day Jay brought birds home, this was Joshua's reaction

The feast. We wrapped them in bacon and grilled them. They were very good!

WARNING!!! If you are squeamish you might not want to see the next few pictures. This is something a little "extra" that Jay caught one day.........YUCK!

Yes, it's a rattler snake. It was very, very close to Jay and he was lucky he didn't get bit! He shot it's head off and then of course brought it home! (by the way Anastasia took these pictures...LOL) Did you know you can find anything on You Tube??? Jay looked up "how to prepare a snake to eat" and sure enough there were a lot of videos on it.

The rattle!

Jay the mighty warrior with his trophy!

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