Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Brother Came to Visit

I haven't seen my brother in over FIVE years!! He and his family moved to Ohio five years ago. The last time I saw him was when he held Savannah as a newborn in the hospital. So needless to say I was excited that he was coming out. My kids don't even really know him but they were excited none the less. Him and Kiefer (my nephew who is all grown up now! ) flew out for a long weekend. They came in on a Thursday night and came and stayed with us. They didn't get in until 10:30pm and the kids just HAD to stay up and wait (and drive me crazy).

I would say they warmed up right away! (hehehe) They hung out with us Friday and then went over to my sister's and dad and mom's. Saturday we all got together over at my sister's to visit and then on Sunday Donny and Kiefer came out to our church for Jay's ordination (see next post). After that it was time to say good-bye after an all to short visit. We are planning some driving trips next summer and hopefully we can get to Ohio to visit all of them.
My sister, brother and I. I should try and find a picture of the three of us as little kids and put them together.
Us with my mom and dad. I think the last time we had a family picture my sister was an infant!!

Uncle Donny and Jadon

Since the Joshua and Devin's birthdays were coming up and we were celebrating, Uncle Donny and Kiefer got the boys each a really cool Star Wars lego set.

Dad and mom with 12 of the 14 grand kids

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