Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jadon is 10 months old

Look at my big boy!! He is so full of smiles and coos. I could just hug and squeeze him all day! Jadon is now 10 mos. old and has 5 teeth. Believe me I know from personal experience! LOL I said my "big" boy but actually he is still a tiny squirt for his age. He is only 16lbs. But he eats well and sleeps well. He is finally on a good nap schedule, which is good for all of us! ;) Jadon crawls and pulls up on everything. He loves to clap his hands and he can even wave now and imitates lots of sounds. He is of course still the delight of his brother and sisters. Joshua absoultely loves sharing a room with him.
Here are some more cute pictures from the month:

Love the blue eyes!!

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