Monday, September 27, 2010

Joshua's Birthday!

Seven Years Old!!! He is not my baby boy anymore! Joshua is growing into such an incredible young man. We are so proud of him! He is so compassionate, has a great sense of humor and is growing into a boy who loves the Lord.

To celebrate this special day we of course started the night before with all of his "lasts" as a 6 year old. Then while he was sleeping I decorated his room with balloons and streamers. He was very excited when he woke up.

Anastasia wanted to give him her gift right away (because she wanted him to be able to wear it to co-op)

It's a Star Wars Lego shirt. He loved it!

Joshua LOVES Lego's. This gift is from Jay and I.

This is from his brother and sisters.

We had co-op to go to first and then we had planned his party for after co-op at a park with all of his friends. We were also celebrating with another little boy from co-op who has the same birthday as Joshua, Ajay was turning 3. Well the splash pad at the park was broken and it was too hot to be outside at the park with no water play. So we changed and went to Ajay's family's community pool. The kids all loved it and had a great time!

Here is the cake that Anastasia made. She put cupcakes upside down, on top of the cake to shape it like a giant Lego. It turned out great!

After the party we needed to take the Roger's kids home so we ended up staying over there for the evening and the kids went swimming. Joshua said it was his "bestest birthday ever"!

(While my brother was in town Joshua went one night and stayed the night with his cousins and grandma took Joshua and Devin shopping for new clothes for their birthday). They weren't able to make it to the party due to the heat so then Papaw came over one day later in the week and took Joshua shopping to pick out a toy. Only a grandpa would come back with a mega water gun and nerf gun. ;) lol )

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