Thursday, September 2, 2010

Workboxes Work for Us

We have been back in school about two and a half weeks now and I thought I would share what has been in the kids workboxes. Check out this post to see our initial set up this year. I must say work boxes have been working great. It is keeping me and the kids organized and on task. The first week there was a lot of extra time for me in the school room managing the set up each night but it is going quicker and falling into a routine and it is so worth it.

For the most part I don't rearrange boxes completely each day, for example for Savannah, math is always in box one. I have found the younger ones like this consistency, however it is Anastasia who wants things mixed up. :)
They each have their basic curriculum mixed in with fun learning activities. On the front of their workbooks I have a sticky note that I write down what pages are to be done that day. Then each night I cross it out and write the new ones. When the sticky is full I will use another one.

Extra activities that the kids really like are: story on cd, Roll 'em (I have some giant foam dice I bought from oriental trading. I made up some addition, fact family and multiplication sheets and laminated them. So in the box is 2 dice the sheet and a dry erase marker.), bead and shape sorting, Hocus Focus- This is from the Sunday paper I have had these from years ago. You have to find the difference between two pictures. I copied them onto overhead sheets so they just mark on it with dry erase markers.

Next week I will take pictures and let you know more of what's in the boxes. I love seeing others blogs about workboxes and getting ideas as well.

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