Friday, September 17, 2010

What's in the Workboxes

I am loving our workboxes this year and they are keeping us on track and organized! They don't change that much so I think I will just post once or twice a month about what is in them for that month.

The girls always love using the dot a dot paint/markers. I happened to get mine through Oriental Trading. I know you can also purchase them at Michael's. The page above was their letter of the week and I put it in a box with the markers.

Alexa, Savannah and Joshua each have their own devotional Bible. They are more in story format with activities and/or questions to go along with the story. So each day their Bible is placed in a workbox. I read a page or two a day and we keep track by using a book mark. This has worked really well. They get some time with me and God's word every morning.

This is another letter G activity using alphabet letters, Savannah has to find the correct letter and put it in the right place. This is from our Letter of the Week curriculum that I got from Confessions of a homeschooler.

This is another G sheet. For this one the girls have pompom magnet that they place on the correct places. The paper is on a cookie sheet so the magnets stick. Natasha has gotten really good at these.

So those are some things found in our workboxes this past week.

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