Monday, October 10, 2011

Bike Riding

First off if truth be told this clip art picture above needs to have a "mom" helping with the bike riding not a dad, at least for our family. If it was up to Jay the kids wouldn't even own bicycles. He freaks out and thinks they are going to kill themselves. He can barely stand to watch them start to first ride without their training wheels. So alas, I help them but Jay does video tape. ;)

The weather has finally cooled off or I will at least say cooled enough to go play outside once again. So Jay got every ones bikes ready (tires changed/pumped and one set of training wheels off) and we let the kids ride their bikes out front. It was time for Savannah's training wheels to come off. I knew she was ready and would be able to do it because of how well she does in gymnastics and her great sense of balance. Sure enough I barely held onto the back of the bike just to get her started and off she went. No problems!! She just had to work on her turning some.


Of course Joshua is an old pro by now! :)

So off to the park we went 2 days in a row. While at the park on the second day Alexa begged me to let her try Savannah's bike because she knew that she could ride with no training wheels as well. I finally gave in and let her try. I was really nervous because I knew if she fell and got hurt the WHOLE neighborhood would hear about it because she would be sure and let them know with all her screaming and crying. I go her on the bike (it's a little big for her) I held the back and was prepared to hold it and walk quickly along side of her. But no, not her. She took off like a rocket, balancing fine but it freaked me out. I had to run to keep up with her and like I said I didn't want her falling off and didn't know how she was going to stop. I kept yelling for her to slow down and she finally stopped (just fine on her own) She looked back at me with a big grin on her face and said "See I told you I could do it!" That girl did it from sheer determination and she was not going to be left behind and let her big sister have one up on her!!

So we came home from the park and ran in the house to let daddy know and Alexa wanted him to take off her training wheels right away!


Four down, two to go!

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