Monday, October 17, 2011

October Co-op

The book we read for Co-op this month was The Borrowers. We are really enjoying this book and the kids had so much fun with the activities at co-op.

Each child brought in a box and everyone brought in little items to share so that each child could make their own Borrowers room. They could have spent all day on this! They did a fantastic job.

They even got to make a "Giant Diary" like Arrietty used.

The preschoolers even got to make their own "room"

We had a special visit from Homily and Arrietty.

When we got home from Co-op the kids wanted to finish their rooms. They spent at least another hour to hour and a half working at the kitchen table, putting them together. They got very creative!

Savannah's Room

Alexa's Room

Joshua's Room

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