Monday, October 24, 2011

School this Month

The kids have completed quite a bit of work this month. We are trying really hard to stay on task so that we can take three weeks of in December. I don't have a lot of exciting pictures as we have been doing a lot of book work. I have been trying to keep up with our workboxes but it doesn't happen everyday. What ends up happening is that we usually start with math so everyone brings their math books to the kitchen table (Savannah is the only one who likes to work at her desk) and I bounce from learning to write numbers, to adding, to multiplying and pre algebra. Whew! :) Next I will take turns working with Savannah and Alex on reading and Joshua and Anastasia will work independently. When the girls are napping I work with Joshua and Anastasia on the things they need help with.

At 11:00 we stop workboxes and get out our science (2 or 3 days a week). We finished Mars and now have been studying Venus.

Do you know why Venus looks so white?? It is because of the thick layer of clouds which are made up of sulfuric acid. Space probes that we have sent to Venus have to use radar to find out what the land is like.

So we did our own "radar" experiment:
Inside the shoe box (dora) that you see in the pictures are large legos stacked to all different heights. Then on top of the box is a numbered square grid. The kids cannot see in the box and they had to poke a whole in each square with their special rod. The rod was marked with colors and they had to color on their paper the color on the rod that showed when stuck in the box. When we were all done we "read" our grids and the kids had to tell where the mountains and flat lands were. This was a great experiment.

Next up Earth and the Moon!

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