Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall....At Least That is What the Calendar Says....

The calendar does say October....could someone please let the temperature outside know it! LOL We did have about 5 days where it was chilly in the mornings and I didn't have to have the air on at all and then it went right back to the 90's!! I love fall and all the decorations and fun things to do but I would really like to do them in 70 degree weather at least. ;)

Anyways the kids have enjoyed playing in the back yard again and we have been going for bike rides (see my other posts) and playing at the park once again.

Jadon LOVES playing out back! He thinks he is such big stuff since he gets to go out there now.

One of our favorite things we do each October is of course make our pumpkin play dough. The kids really enjoy and look forward to it each year.

This year two new things we have done have been to "Boo" our neighbors and make some delicious pumpkin muffins. I really try to focus on Fall/Harvest things this time of year and I stay away from the witches, goblins and scary beasts I know many people have varying opinions of Halloween and for many years I have "rode the fence" which isn't the right thing to do either. So for our family we choose to celebrate the holiday by focusing on the fall and harvest side but also on our community. I think instead of shutting our doors and not participating at all we choose to get out in our neighborhood, this year we are going to sit in the drive way with our fire pit. We take the kids trick or treating (no scary costumes) and we of course hand out candy and even stick some gospel tracts in the bags as well.

Years ago we participated in Booing our neighbors but we haven't for a few years. So this time we decided to. Here is what we did:
We first printed out a sheet explaining it from this site, (There is a website for everything!) Then we actually found these bags at Walgreens which were perfect and found some goodies to fill in the bag. We picked neighbors who we knew had kids and "booed" them one evening. Now I must say I am a little disappointed that I don't think it has spread any further but we tried.

OKAY this is my favorite new dessert!!!! Two simple ingredients. One spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree. That is it! Mix the two together. We put them in muffin tins and it made 12, which is not a lot in this house. So they disappeared as soon as they came out of the oven. I didn't even get a picture! :( Now I am waiting for cake mixes and pumpkin puree to go on sale so I can stock up! Try it you will love it!

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