Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feed My Starving Children

Along with our Radical Challenge, we are looking for more ways to serve together in different capacities as a family.

Have you ever heard of Feed My Starving Children? If not check out their website: I have known about this wonderful organization for sometime now and we were finally able to go serve. There are not locations in every state but you can certainly donate money to help out this great cause. You can serve as an individual, a family, a church or organization. This time we served as part of our church Relevant Church. We spent two hours packing Manna packs that will be sent over to the Horn of Africa. To be honest with you I have never served in anything like this before and it was such a rewarding experience.

They allow children 5 and up to serve. Jay had to work that morning so Anastasia did not get to go because of our two under five. She decided to stay home and keep the little ones so that her mommy, Josh, Savannah, and Alexa could go. This was awesome also because this got to demonstrate what service is all about. Though Anastasia was not able to go her service allowed others to go. Service is doing what you can do based on the need so that God’s work can get done… this does not mean doing what you want to do it means doing what needs to be done.

We were given a brief overview and then went to work. Everyone was assigned a station either scooping, weighing, sealing and stacking. There was another group there as well so there were about 25 people and we packed 7,344 meals which is enough food to feed 20 children for a year!!! WOW!!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the pallet of boxes that we filled. When we were done we were invited to go stand by the boxes and pray. The lady asked if anyone would like to pray and Joshua raised his hand. He said the most touching prayer. He had a lot of us in tears as he prayed that the food would get there quickly and safely to feed these children. It was awesome!

When we were done, in the lobby they had these M&M containers (round tubes the perfect size for holding quarters) You could by one for a dollar it was filled with M&M's. After you eat the M&M's you keep the container to collect quarters. When it is full you bring it back and donate to FMSC. If it is full it is enough to feed 58 children. So we bought 5, each a different color and the kid's want to have them filled by next time we go back in January or February (December is already all filled with volunteers).

My children realized that they had a way to take their money and give. They have been saving for a swing set they really want and Alexa my 5-year-old had a remarkable realization. They talked about going through this money and giving it to feed children. Josh interjected that they have been saving for a long time… He was not opposed to the idea but he was realizing the sacrifice. Alexa looked at him and plainly stated but Josh… We can go to a park and play and these kids are starving and dyeing. Out of the mouth of Babes. So awesome to be able to witness that conversation!

Continue to turn my children’s hearts to the Lord! Let us not treat Your word and Your people slightly!

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  1. Two of our children participated in this ministry through our church and absolutely LOVED it! It's awesome all your children could participate ~ out here you have to be 3rd grade and older. They are looking forward to being apart of it again this year! Blessings, EMichelle