Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween! What a busy fun day we had from breakfast till bedtime! We started our morning with making silly face pancakes....

Jay made orange,pumpkin shaped pancakes and I provided all the goodies for decorating.

Here's Natasha's

Jadon just liked eating everything.

Joshua's pancake

Anastasia's Pancake

Savannah's Pancake
Alexa's Pancake

Next up was carving pumpkins. The kids also had to measure and weigh them and compare the weight with and with out seeds. (math!)

Next up our crazy, fun lunch....this plate times 6!

After lunch the girls and Jadon took naps so I got to clean up the kitchen (somewhat) then we were ready for the afternoon....eating rice krispes and making caramel apples.

Finally it was the time they all had been waiting for time to get ready to go trick or treating... Jay stayed home and passed out candy and I got the privilege (LOL) of taking them. It was a lot of fun but I was so tired! Once Jadon realized he was getting candy, he was all in!! He loved it! He didn't want anyone to hold or take his bag.

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